Multilevel Marketing Professional With Pride

In addition to the thousands of books that bring the subject "self esteem" in the title itself, we still have those who approach the subject in a disguised way. For example, the great list of publications (headed by the book The Secret) that deals with the law of attraction, doesn't want to instill anything else in our mind beyond self-esteem. If you have ever read any of these books, think with me: why do all these authors tell you to visualize and believe that your desires are already happening? Why do they tell you to imagine yourself prosperous and possessing all the things you want? Now tell me: if you were already in this state in your multilevel business, if you were already a millionaire, if you had already reached your desires, do you think it would be easier to talk to your friends and relatives about your opportunity? Reformulating the question: If you were already very well in life and, therefore, with enough self-esteem, for having conquered everything you have ever wanted, do you think you would have a better use with your prospects? Yes, that is what they mean: if you feel your success, you will speak as if you already have it and you will have much more chance.In short, with high self-esteem, everything gets easier. The big problem is that most of the time we need it before things actually happen.

Crossing the bridge of belief

Any professional is proud to tell you their area of expertise. Everyone feels comfortable speaking "I am a doctor", "I am an engineer", "I am a trader", "I am a lawyer" and so on. But how many people are proud to say: "I am a Multilevel Marketing Professional"? That I have seen, only a few people who are already millionaires. And then the question comes back: do they speak with pride because they have already "got there" or did they "get there" because they spoke with pride?You can be sure that even though these people may have felt a little insecure or talked more modest at first, they had already crossed the bridge of belief that led them to a self-esteem attitude. And what is this bridge? The bridge of belief in Multilevel Marketing! These people were always convinced of this business model, they always had in mind that their job were as legitimate, as dignified, as beautiful (or even more) as any other. That's why they "got there". When you truly feel that you are working in one of the most promising markets in the world, you will be very proud to tell people what you do in life and you will like yourself.And you will have enough self-esteem for things to happen, even before they actually happened.

How to raise your self-esteem

Any Multilvel Marketing Professional in early career needs a high self esteem to see their business starting to work. He needs to like himself so that other people also enjoy and follow him in his project.But if money has not yet begun to come and if dreams haven't yet come true, how to get self-esteem? Well, self-esteem is not something you can buy, but a state of mind that you can achieve for free. Remember I talked about crossing the bridge of belief in Multilevel Marketing.How can you do that? Simply by using another way that also elevates self-esteem: study. That's right, study about the MLM, about the history of the MLM, understand how big and beautiful this sector is. In this way you will gain self-esteem in two ways: first, by recognizing that you are in a magical industry and second, by feeling more dominant about the subject and able to achieve the "study" goal. One of Brazil's greatest marketing men says that self-esteem is acquired by proving to yourself the ability to do what needs to be done. That simple. And as I said, it's free.