6 Time Management Tips to Improve Your Sales

Time management is essential for an Akmos entrepreneur, since this function is very dynamic and adds multiple tasks to achieve success.

Learn to manage your time so you do not miss the chance to make contacts. To increase your performance as an Akmos entrepreneur, check out below 6 tips of time management:

1. Start planning your day

The day before, calmly organize the activities you need to do the next day, so you don't have to make urgent decisions, generating unnecessary stress in your day. Plan your schedule so you can accomplish all the planned tasks.

2. Learn to prioritize

Prioritize your tasks in scales, so you keep your concentration on each issue to be resolved. For example: separate what is needed, important and urgent. This way you lower the pressure for results, making it easier to solve your daily tasks. 

And remember: Who wants to do everything at the same time, almost always ends up doing nothing right.

3. Have a calendar

With so many tasks to solve everyday, just counting on the mind for this organization can be complicated (remembering schedules, links, important emails is not an easy task without the aid of a well-organized calendar). Do you have a smartphone? You can use your phone's calendar to organize your day. Try to describe your activities in a simple way so you can remember what it's about when you look.

You can also use applications for time management, regardless of the application you choose, it is recommended that you do a checklist of the tasks performed in your day, so that you have an exact control of your activities.

4. Organize your work material

Separate all your necessary sales material such as sales presentation, Akmos product catalog, business cards, demo products and whatever else you feel is necessary for an effective sale. Think about how you will dispose of this material, so you reduce the risk of missing important information when making a sale. 

5. Study the UNAk of Akmos

Want to succeed in your sales? Read Akmos' UNAk carefully. This material is exclusive to the Akmos entrepreneur. For easy understanding, it is divided into three modules, where you will learn how to properly start your steps to success. In addition, you will get to know the Akmos universe even more and you will still practice exercises through effective methodologies. 

6. Analyze your routine

To improve your time management, for a week, monitor how many minutes you spend to do each task in your daily routine. For example, control the time it takes you to make a sale or the time you take in the customer's presence, the time it takes you to move or the time you expect the customer to arrive. So you know how much agile time you have for every need of your daily routine.